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Clogged Drains & Drain Cleaning

When you experience…


A toilet that is slow or overflowing
Your child or grandchild flushing a toy
Water backing up in your tub
A slow or stopped up vanity or kitchen sink
Water backing up a floor drain when you do laundry
Your drain to your sewer or septic is not working
Repeated issues because of a tree root or build-up

This is what we do…


Handsnake and remove objects from toilets
Verify toilets are clear of obstructions with video inspection
Powersnake to remove hairballs, grease and goo from tub, vanity and kitchen sink drains
Respond as fast as humanly possible to unclog your sewer or septic drain, removing roots, wipes, feminine products, paper and poop to let the water through
Provide annual sewer cleaning to prevent expensive backups
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