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What We Do

For over 70 years, Laurenson Sewer Service has been providing 24-hour emergency drain cleaning services and plumbing repair to customers, new and old. 

Although we are a small husband and wife team, our customers can count on us to be not only professionals and knowledgeable, but reliable and quick from the moment we answer their call until we finish correcting their plumbing crisis. 

You can expect to speak to Jonathan personally. He will arrive in a timely fashion, diagnose, discuss and advise you on the process and your various options to deal with the situation. He will then carry out the course of action you feel most comfortable with to have your home or business up and flowing in no time!


24-hour emergency service
Power snaking/augering
Electronic drain locating
Unclogging of all drains
Colour video drain inspections
Hydro jetting
Hand snaking/plunging
calender 24 hour

Hours of Operation

24-Hour Emergency Service


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